Thursday, March 22, 2018

Paul Is Right, Ya' Know

I understand that spending bills are huge, but this one is huge-er, and Senator Rand Paul wants to read it before he votes on it. 
"We don’t want leverage. We want a real process and time to debate, amend and vote," a Paul aide said. "It’s not too much to ask but [Senate leaders] refuse to do it, time after time."
And, he's right.  The budget process shouldn't be a hurry-up affair.  There should be time to debate, to make changes, to reflect the desires of the people.  But, when Republicans are in power, they act like Democrats, both in the nature of the process, and in their spending habits. 

It's not too much to ask.

Random Thoughts

Mueller was appointed My 17, 2017.  How long is this circus going to go on?  If, in a year, he can't find evidence of collusion, maybe he's looking in the wrong places.  Or it isn't there at all.  Either way, he should be competent enough to know when to call in the dogs and go to the house.

Why do people think that a random cop, standing on a street corner, knows the address, location, and phone number of every business within a 20 mile radius?

I hear that YouTube is blocking/taking down pro-gun channels.  Maybe it's time to regulate Google, Facebook, and YouTube as common carriers. 

It's Thursday, so salad for lunch.  There's this church down the road, where the ladies make great salads and deliver them. 

The Sacremento PD shot Clark 20 times.  Standing in his grandmother's backyard, holding a cell phone.  What an horrific tragedy.  I never liked foot chases trough residential neighborhoods.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Good Pic

Another picture of me and my gal, taken by the inimitable Miss E, at Texas State.

That was a good shoot, but I don't have time to reflect on it.  Louisiana State starts in 15 days.

Ain't Quite As Dead

He ain't quite as dead as he seems.   This Romanian fellow left home to go to Turkey to make a living.  Came back 20 years later and found out that he had been declared legally dead.

He's in the middle of a bureaucratic nightmare, because he's dead.  But he's walking around.  Trying to convince the courts that he is still alive.

You would think that the Romanian authorities would be more sympathetic.  They do have a history of the dead walking around, don't they?

I'm just sayin'.


A nice video about value, money, and the price we put on things.

I like explaining to people that the value of gold never changes.  The value of the money we use to buy or sell gold changes, but the value of gold remains constant.

Often, I get perplexed looks when I explain that.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dr. Hanson, on modern Democrats

The inestimable Victor Davis Hanson, reflects on the similarities between the modern Democratic progressive culture and the antebellum South.
Progressives, in fact, seem to like the protocols of the old Confederacy in lots of ways. Southern antebellum chauvinists once claimed that the culture south of the Mason-Dixon line was innately superior to the grubby, industrial wasteland of the north. A two-class system of masters and slaves allowed an elite the leisure and capital to pursue culture without the rat-race competition of a striving middle class. So blinkered was southern arrogance that its pre-war youth insisted that southern manhood, with its innate moral superiority, could defeat a much larger, richer, and more industrial North — a myth dispelled early on at Shiloh.
It's damned fine writing, dipped in the strength of understanding history.

One more snippet, for fun.
Once a region, a state, or a group of people becomes racially obsessed and prefers the culture of two rather than three classes, they turn absurd. Soon they stop listening to reason and fall into predictable mythologies of cultural superiority, regional chauvinism, and ultimately secession as proof of their moral supremacy.
What follows next never ends well.
Go, as they say, and read the whole thing.  It's well worth the ten minutes you'll spend.

Good Job, Slick!

It seems that there was a school shooting in Maryland this morning.

CNN reports:
An armed student who shot two other students at Great Mills High School in Maryland on Tuesday morning has died, according to St. Mary's County Sheriff Tim Cameron.
The sheriff said the school resource officer engaged the shooter and ended the threat, which occurred in a hallway just before classes began. The officer fired a round at the shooter, and the shooter fired a round as well, Cameron said.
The shooter was later pronounced dead, and the officer was not injured, the sheriff said. A male student, 14, is in stable condition and a female student, 16, is in critical condition, he said.
And, that's the way it is done.  I'm sure that we will learn more in the coming days, but it seems like the SRO took care of business.  Our prayers and concerns are with the injured students.

Monday, March 19, 2018

That Ain't Good

It's a pretty good balancing act, though.

Hat tip:  Wirecutter.


We dragged in last night after midnight, fell into bed and had to sleep quickly.  Four hours later, up again to begin Monday.

Texas State was a great shoot, put on by a great club.  Ninety-eight (98) shooters total. 55 men, 35 women, and 8 youth. We shot age-based categories on Friday, the Main Match on Saturday, and speed-based Brackets on Sunday. 

Akarate Zach took 2nd place in Category, and 4th place overall in the main match.
Belle took 2nd in Category, and stayed alive till the 6th round of the Main match.  Eh also shot well in Brackets, staying alive long past where she thought she would be.
Major D participated.  However, I stayed alive in the Main match until the 9th round, where I lost simply because I couldn't find the target.  I never touched steel during that entire match.  I blame myself, the other guy gave me plenty of opportunities. 

After the match was over, I gathered the brass and loaded it in the van.  I have 10K rounds of shotgun primer brass that has to be loaded for Louisiana State in 19 days.  We pass this brass around from club to club to use for large sanctioned shoots, and thankfully, the host club kept the tumblers going till the last minute.  I have very little dirty brass to clean.

Kudos to the Lone Star Gunslingers, who hosted the Texas State Championship.  They did a great job, put on a fine match in a great facility.

Now, the focus turns to Louisiana State.  During the Texas match, I had the opportunity to get face-time with a bunch of folks who are going to help with Louisiana State.  I filled a number of organizational slots that our little club is incapable of filling, and took notes about things that I have to do to make Louisiana State a success.

I also got firm commitments from a number of shooters, with registration fees pad.  Right now, we have shooters coming from WA, TX, OK, AR, KS, WI, IL, KY, GA, and FL.

Here we go!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Texas State Day 2

We're doing good, still alive after seven rounds.  Belle went out in the 6th round, but feels good about it.  Zach is seeded 5th in the youth, and I'm still in it, but I'm bleeding bad and dragging a leg.

Tomorrow is brackets.  That should be a lot of fun.

But, trying to get a picture with my gal today, my buddy Delta Whiskey photo-bombs us.

Ain't that a shame?  See what w have to put up with?

Friday, March 16, 2018

Texas State Day 1

We did some shooting today, Categories.  Categories are based on age.  I, for example shot in the Senior Men's Category.  Belle shot in the Super Senior Wome's Category.  Zach shot in te Youth Category.

Belle took second in her category.
Zach took second in his category.
I was just there.

Tomorrow starts the main match.  We all get to shoot again.  I don't look to take any trophies in the main match.  If I'm still alive after the 8th round, I'll consider it a wonderful day.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Nutra and Subsonics

Nutria are a rodent, an invasive species in Louisiana.  They love water, and they've been here long enough that we consider them part of the landscape, but still.  They dig holes in levees, undercut banks, and generally make a nuisance.

My son is a sewer systems operator, responsible for the sewer treatment of a small town in Louisiana.  He has ponds that treat the water.  I don't know the details, but he has it down to the science.  Turning dirty water into clean water.  And nutria is a problem.  If they get into your ponds, they'll undercut banks, dig tunnels in weirs, and generally create turmoil.

So, he was telling me a story. "We had a nutria infestation and decided that the best way to control them was to shoot them.  So, we got some .22 rifles and one of the crew brought some subsonic ammo.  Less noise.  So, early in the morning, we set up on one side of the bond, and watched the opposite bank.  In a few minutes we saw some nutria come out."

"The pond is about 100 yards across it, and I took a good sight on a big ole rat.  I hit him solid and he just kind of flinched and looked around..  So, I popped him again.  Same story.  At a hundred yards, I think those subsonics had run out of steam. "

"So, next morning, we're back with good hi-velocity ammo.   When the nutria came out, Bang, flop.  Next one comes out.  Bang, flop."

I asked him if they had controlled the population.  "Yeah," he replies.  "We've got them on the run.  But we learned that subsonics might be good for some things, but not for long-range nutria."

I'm just passing this on for the general knowledge base.

Outt'a Here

About the time y'all read this, Belle, Zach and I will be heading southwest.  Tomorrow is the first full day of shooting of the Texas State Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw, hosted by the Lone Star Gunslingers.

Upwards of a hundred shooters are meeting in Needville, TX for three days of shaking hands, hugging necks and gunfighting.  It's going to be a heck of an event, and we wouldn't miss it for the world.  As a matter of fact, I need to be there to pick up some supplies that we are going to use in Louisiana State.  But, I'm mainly going for the fun.

I'll try to post this weekend, but no promises.

On Being Armed

I've been carrying a firearm almost every day for the past 38 years.  Much of that as a cop, but even on weekends, holiday, and leave time.   Pretty much constantly, I'm armed.  And, I've learned a few things.  Concealed means concealed.  Proper dress is mandatory if you don't want to scare the citizens. 

School safety is the hot-button topic these days, and some have said that one way to help safety is to arm some of the teachers.  That's another hot-button topic, and I see that Baltimore teachers have threatened to walk out if any of them are armed.

My question is:  How would they know?  Really.  Concealed means concealed.  I have no doubt that I could dress in business casual attire, walk into any classroom in the US, and teach a class, spend the day in the school, talk with the principal and interact with everyone there, and no one would know that I am armed.  As long as I didn't have to pass through a metal detector, I'd be golden.

Concealed means concealed.  There is no profit in talking about it, touching it, letting other folks know you have it.  It's only use is to be there when you need it.    No one else needs to know about it.